The King of the Golden City

The King of the Golden City


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Mother Mary Loyola (1845-1930) was born Elizabeth Giles in London. 1866 she became a nun in the Bar Convent in York, and served there for many years as teacher in the convent school — even as Headmistress and Mother Superior for a time. She was a very skilled teacher who became famous for her religious children's books, published from 1896 and onwards.

The King of the Golden City was first published in 1921. It was a crowning pinnacle to her decades of writing, incorporating the bulk of her prior insight and weaving it all deftly together in allegorical fashion. In this her only allegory Mother Mary Loyola writes about a little maid and the gracious King who deigns to visit her.

This special Centenary Edition is truly a treasure! The original illustrations have restored, including the beautiful frames surrounding the text on every page, and each detail have been carefully overseen, down to the thicker paper that not only gives a similar feel as the older hardcover, but will ensure that this edition will make a lasting heirloom that hopefully will be passed on to the next generation!

Discover the book that distilled decades of Mother Mary Loyola's catechetical teaching into a truly delightful story.

21 x 26cm           hardcover with dust jacket         120 pages