Bönekort ca 10x 6 cm

Holy Family - Prayer to the Holy FAmily

Our Lady of Lourdes - Magnificat

Saint Lucy - Prayer in honour of St Lucy

Saint Christoffer -

prayer to Saint Christopher

Saint Patrick - An Irish Blessing

Saint Anne - Prayer to St Anne

Sacred Heart of Jesus - The our Father

Saint Thomas Aquinas - Prayer to St. Thomas A

Saint Francis of Assisi - A Prayer to St F of A

Saint Teresa of Avila - Prayer to St T of A

Saint Lazarus - Prayer to St Lazarus

Saint Catherine - Prayer to St Catherine

The Holy Spirit - Prayer to Recieve the Holy Spirit

Saint Dymphna - Prayer to St Dymphna

Our Lady of Grace - The Hail Mary

Saint Clare - Prayer to St Clare

Saint Expedite - Prayer to St Expedite

Saint Joseph - Prayer to St Joseph

Saint Benedict - Prayer to Saint Benedict

och fler ändå! I rullgardinen finner du alla olika bönekort!!



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